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CBE Inc. was established in 1985 as an equipment manufacturer. From the ground up I know quality and dependability. We have decades of collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience,cardio repairs, welding, upholstery, cables, electronics.   We are able to provide you the most value per dollar spent.
Health Club Services professional Fitness/Gym/weight equipment diagnostic help & repairs, maintenance training, commercial and home gym best cost services and solutions. We have been doing this for over 20 years.

Rubber floorings, Personal fitness mats, (Whole room) Aerobic flooring underlayment are some of our products.
 We also carry a line of non-toxic biodegradable rubber floor, surface, upholstery cleaner concentrates, to help us all improve our environment.

 "On site" Upholstery DR. a speedy re-cover is guaranteed (all makes equipment).

Mirror installations with 17 yrs. glazing experience serving the fitness and related businesses, home gyms, schools, corp., police, military, PT. See our client list.
  For service in NJ Tri-State and East PA. 908-788-0102  Field Tech. 908-797-5346 c

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